Future.Bible 3:16 Online Summit

Our speakers share their experiences, strategies
and knowledge about innovation, Bible, and technology.

Thanks to VLB.org for sponsoring this Online Summit!

Jeff Reed

The Church in Coronavirus Culture

Craig Denison

First15 – Engaging with Scripture through Podcasting

Tobias Treppmann

Missional Design — Startup Methods For The Church

Bill Issler & DJ Chuang

Visually Linked Bible (vlb.org)

Robert Rouse

Teaching Machines About the Bible

Simon Seow

Reaching our Changing World as an Innovative Community

Morgan Jackson

Citywide Bible engagement using audio & video Scripture via Bible.is app & Gospel Films.

Kristin Tetteh

The Future of Church Technology

Kent Shaffer

The Bible of the Future

Micah Redding

Transhumanism, the Bible, and Technology

Michael McDonald

The Bible, YouTube and Innovation

Nils Smith

Using Virtual Reality to bring the Lands of the Bible to People

Jennifer Miles

Sharing the Bible with Today’s Visual Society

Dave Adamson

Using Instagram To Teach The Bible

John Plake

How Technology Shapes Bible Engagement: Past, Present, and Future

D.J. Soto

Virtual Reality Church

Arnie Cole

Learner Centered Bible Engagement Technology

Natchi Lazarus

How to share Bible verses with relevance on Social Media

Justin Trapp & Wade Bearden

Disrupting Entrenched Systems with New Technology

Ben Myers

The Story of Actors.Bible

Daniel Whitenack

Expanding Engagement Possibilities with AI

Mark Ward

A Media Ecology of Bible Software

Tara-Leigh Cobble

What Technology Can’t Do

DJ Chuang

Why makes a .BIBLE domain name and URL so valuable and how does it work?

Sang Tian

Why the Bible is Unnecessarily Hard (and How Technology Can Help)